Professional Audio, Video and Tracking Bug Detector

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Product Highlights

  • • Detect Wired and Wireless Hidden Cameras
  • • Detect Hidden Audio Devices
  • • Detect Hidden GPS Devices
  • • Easy to Use and Fits in Your Pocket
  • • Hidden Camera Lens Detection up to 32 Feet
  • • Wireless Camera Range: 1.2G/2.4G
  • • Frequency Detection Range 60MHz-7000MHz
  • • Detects 5.8GHZ Range
  • • Frequency Detection Distance up to 30 Feet
  • • 15 Hours of working time


Use the BD-3 Professional Bug Detector to quickly and effortlessly find any covert listening devices, trackers, and cameras. The BD-3 is small enough to take with you just about anywhere and easy to use while on the go. Unfortunately with the rise of individuals using covert devices for nefarious reasons, having a device to safeguard your privacy is a necessity these days. This device is a must-have for the avid traveler staying in hotels, rentals, and AIRbnb homes. The BD-3 comes with an LED light indicator and an audible tone alerting you to any frequencies that are in the GPS, WiFI camera, and Audio range. The sensitivity of the detector can be adjusted with the knob. To sweep a room, start off with the highest sensitivity and lower the sensitivity the closer you get to a suspected device, allowing you to pinpoint the device. The BD-3 is capable of operating for up to 15 hours on a single charge and will fit in a pocket or purse with no issues. The BD-3 will detect the frequency range of hidden cameras, wifi cameras, GPS trackers, Cell phones, and audio devices. The BD-3 is quick, easy to use, and provides peace of mind on a professional level. Knowing that your privacy, personal moments. and personal information is protected, makes this an invaluable tool that should be in everyones travel bag.


Frequency Detection Range 60MHz-7000MHz / 1.2G/2.4G / 5.8GHz
Frequency Detection Distance Up to 35 feet
Power Requirement Rechargeable Lithium Battery

In The Box

1 x BD3 Professional Bug Detector
1 x Charging Unit
1 x Instructions

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