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  1. Multi Device Charging Station Wi-Fi Hidden Camera

    Fully Functional Charging Station • HD 1080p Streaming Video • Internal 128GB Drive


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  2. Men's Water Resistant Spy Watch

    HD 1920 x 1080P Resolution - Waterproof - Magnetic Charging


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About Hidden Spy Cameras

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras and Spy cameras have proven to be a highly effective tool in capturing surveillance when a standard security system has failed or proven ineffective because of its visibility. Using a spy camera or hidden camera allows you to place it in plain view without drawing any unwanted attention, allowing you to get an accurate picture of what is really going on. Many times using a hidden camera is the only solution to capture vital evidence and have proven to be a highly effective and an invaluable tool in many cases around the world.

Some of the most common uses for hidden cameras are:

• Nanny cam- Want to see how your little one is being treated while you are away? Place a hidden camera in your child’s playroom or bedroom to keep a close eye on the nanny or babysitter. • Keeping an eye on your teenager- Want to know your teenager's whereabouts while you are at work? Which one of their friends is entering your home and at what time? Place one of our spy cameras to capture the entryway of the home and see what is really going on while you are away • Catch a Thief- Do you suspect your roommate is stealing from you but do not have proof. Set up a spy camera to get the evidence that you need. • Business use- Are things coming up missing from your business and the normal security cameras are not catching it? Perhaps because the employee in question is finding a way around the security system? A spy camera makes a perfect solution in these situations. With our WIFI cameras, you can even remotely view the live footage while away. • Keep an eye on the elderly- Do you have an elderly loved one in the care of another or nursing home and want to monitor their well-being? A covert hidden camera proves highly effective in these situations • Catch a cheating spouse- Do you suspect your significant other is being less than faithful while you are away? Set up a hidden camera to see exactly who is entering your house while you are not there. • Things in your home or apartment are not where you left them- Do you suspect your landlord or maintenance personnel are entering your home without your knowledge? A spy camera capturing your home’s entryway would confirm if this is indeed the case or not.

Spy cameras come in all shapes and sizes, configurations, uses, viewing options, and capabilities. This should be kept in mind when purchasing a spy camera. If you need help deciding, our technical experts are more than happy to help you find the best hidden camera to suit your particular situation and needs.

Some of the features and capabilities offered on our hidden cameras we will talk about below.

Wireless Wi-Fi Cameras With Remote Viewing

By using a Wi-Fi spy camera, it allows you to view and record live video directly on to your smartphone, tablet or iPad from just about anywhere. With a Wi-Fi spy camera, the camera connects wirelessly to your home or office Wi-Fi signal allowing the footage to be viewed on the free app from your device. Wi-Fi cameras are a great tool for individuals that want to catch an individual in the act or want to view live footage of their home, office, or hotel room.

DVR Hidden Cameras

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Hidden Camera allows you to capture covert surveillance without having to connect to a Wi-Fi signal to do so. The DVR footage is stored on a Micro SD card and is easily viewed by taking the SD card out of the camera and inserting it into any computer. A DVR Hidden camera is a great choice for individuals that do not have access to a Wi-Fi signal or do not have an instantaneous need to view the footage. With a DVR camera, there is little set up involved and is by far the easiest of the spy cameras to operate.

Motion Detection Recording

Having the option to use motion detection recording is a very valuable tool and will save you time when reviewing the footage. Unlike continuous recording, motion detection allows you to save room on your micro SD card by only capturing pertinent footage. Motion detection recording works by sensing any change in the pixel color and that triggers the camera to start recording. Anything the walks in front of the camera will trigger this and will tell your camera to start recording. Once a few minutes have passed (each camera time is a little different) with no movement detected the camera will stop recording and go back into standby mode until it senses movement again.

Power Options

Depending on your situation will determine if a battery-powered or outlet powered spy camera is needed. Each type has its own benefits and uses and we do also carry some cameras that can be battery powered and plugged in while charging and still record footage. Most of the mini spy cameras, especially the body-worn cameras, are battery powered. Having battery powered spy camera allows the user to at a moments notice power on the device and start recording where ever they are at. The outlet powered cameras are great for long-term surveillance when you need to monitor and areas full time.

Night Vision & IR Hidden Cameras

Do you need a device that will record in low light conditions or at night as well? If so, then you will want to pick up a spy camera that has night vision/IR capabilities. We offer a variety of night vision cameras that will provide HD day and night footage, which ensure that you capture the footage no matter the lighting conditions. One of the cons of a high-quality Night vision hidden cameras is that they use an internal nonvisible IR light to illuminate the darkness, which tends to add to the size of the camera.


Most of the cameras we sell provide HD footage and range from 720p to 2k resolution. Have a good quality resolution is important when capturing footage. Sometimes you only get one shot to get the valuable surveillance you need and you will want to make sure you capture every detail of that moment. Because of the nature and size of these tiny pinhole spy cameras, they do not have an optical zoom feature, only digital zoom. So when purchasing a spy camera this is important to be aware of, especially if the footage you will be capturing is at a distance.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about any of our spy cameras or hidden cameras please do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone, email, or live chat. Our technical experts are here to help you find a covert security solution that will fit your specific needs and situation.