Night Vision Oscillating Fan Wi-Fi Spy Camera (CR)

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Product Highlights

  • Full HD Resolution
  • Remotely view live video on your smartphone
  • Cloud Storage Recording
  • Files Stored Off Device
  • Various Recording Modes
  • Functional Fan
  • 24/7 Surveillance


The Night Vision Oscillating is the perfect balance between functionality and precision covert surveillance. The fan is a fully functional fan with sleep and also a white noise features. The optional sweeping motion of the fan helps to bring the cameras field of view to almost 270º if you choose to use it in this setting. You also have the option of leaving it in a stationary position and recording it in a stationary position. This spy camera makes a perfect covert solution for just about any indoor or office environment. The white noise and sleep features also make this a perfect nanny cam or device you can set on a nightstand or shelf, and disguises perfectly.

The new cloud storage feature allows your files to be stored off the device and allows you access to the files from just about anywhere. Having cloud storage is not only the most secure way to store your files but it also means unlimited storage. Having the files stored off the device means that even if by some off chance the camera is compromised the files will remain secure on the cloud and allowing access only to the operator. Having unlimited drive space means you can go on vacation or travel and never have to worry about missing a shot and you can view those files at your leisure. This device uses Amazons renowned cloud servers for the most secure cloud storage on the market.

The spy camera is equipped with a true 1280x720P Wi-Fi camera, delivering HD footage that can be remotely viewed on any smartphone or tablet. The camera also comes equipped with various recording modes: motion detection, continuous or scheduled recording. The motion detection features works by recording when it senses motion and after 3 minutes of no motion it will stop and go into standby mode. This feature saves a tremendous amount of storage and reduces having to sift through irrelevant video files. 

If you are looking for a discreet and secure covert surveillance option, then the Night Vision Oscillating Fan would be a great fit in just about any indoor environment.

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Automatic Night Vision Switching- Once the light levels get below a certain range the camera automatically.

switches from the day camera into the IR night vision camera to ensure the best picture possible.

Cloud Recording Files are saved off device to the renowned Amazon Servers instant and secure access. Files are only accessible to the user with the correct credintials and password

Live Video Remote Viewing View live streaming video directly on your smartphone

Full HD Resolution- The camera offers brilliant day and night resolution ensuring that even the smallest details are captured.

Plug and Play Design-  Simple to set up and operate. Insert the SD card in the back, plug the camera into the wall and it is ready to start recording.

Covert Design- Very discreet design with no recording lights or visible SD card slots to compromise the camera.

Functional Fan- Not only is this a powerful hidden camera, but it is also a functional fan with white noise and a sleep function..


Product Dimensions6” L x 6” W x 14” H
Frame Rate30FPS
File StorageUnlimited Cloud Storage
Power Requirement110v Outlet
Recommended Media PlayerVLC
Recording ModesContinuous & Motion Activated
Sensor Type1/3" digital cmos Image Sensor
Smartphone CompatibiltyiPhone & Android
Video FormatMPEG4
Video Resolution1280 x 720p
Viewing Angle125º
Working Temperature22°F - 158°F

In The Box

Product includes the following items:

Oscillating Fan Hidden Camera
One Night Vision Spy Camera Fan with remote viewing and cloud storage.
USB Cable
Comes with a USB cable to power the device.

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    Way too expensive for the quality.
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    Nice little-hidden camera. It works great, but I just wish it was cheaper.
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