MXI-12 USB Wi-FI Hidden Spy Camera

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Product Highlights

  • HD 1920 X 1080P Resolution
  • Remotely view live video on your smartphone
  • No Pinhole or Recording Lights
  • Accepts a 32GB or Less Micro SD card
  • Various Recording Modes
  • Functional Charger
  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Perfect Travel Camera


The MXI-12 is one of the most discreet and concealable Wi-fi cameras that we offer. It blends in perfectly into almost any environment, due to its realistic design and functional charging capabilities. Nowhere you take this will this wi-fi hidden spy camera look out of place. People take their phones and chargers with them everywhere. Because of this and the fact that there's not a visible pinhole and recording lights, makes this one of our top sellers.

The MXI-12 is portable enough to take with you anywhere and yet powerful enough to give you the surveillance you need to watch over the things you care about most. The MXI-12 wi-fi spy camera is the perfect tool for the avid traveler. This camera is small enough to fit in your pocket and set up in minutes. Place it in your hotel room while you are out for the day and remotely view your room and belongings, providing you that peace of mind to enjoy your stay. The remote viewing is accessed through the free secure app and requires the use of a passcode and serial number to access it.

The camera also comes equipt with various recording modes: motion detection, continuous or scheduled recording. The motion detection features works by recording when it senses motion and after 3 minutes of no motion it will stop and go into standby mode. This feature saves a tremendous amount of storage on the hard drive and allows for several days to even weeks on a single micro SD card.  

You can also maximize drive storage by stepping down the recording resolution if necessary. You have the option of choosing from 1280 x 720, or full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution.

The MXI-12 can operate 24/7, which makes it a perfect for continuous surveillance device. Once the drive reaches capacity, you have the option to set the MXI-12 to loop recording, which means it will start recording over the oldest files first and continuously record.

Full HD 1920 x 1080P Resolution

The full HD 1080p video on this spy camera ensures that every little detail is captured. We know that sometimes you only get one shot to capture the footage you need and it's the littlest details that make the difference in successful surveillance and a failed attempt. Having such detail on this camera makes this a valuable piece of spy gear.

Remotely View Live Video From Anywhere

Once the camera is wirelessly connected to your wifi, you have the ability to view live video and the recordings on its drive. from any smartphone.

Use up to a 32GB Micro SD card

With a 32GB Micro SD card the camera provides up to 15-20 hours of continuous footage, which can be increased by stepping down the resolution in the app to 720p or even 640p.

Various Recording Modes

Depending on your situation you may need to customize your recording mode. You have the option to record via motion detection, continuous, and scheduled modes. In most cases, we recommend using motion detection mode. In motion detection, the camera will start recording once motion is sensed and stop recording after 3 minutes of no movement. Recording in motion detection mode eliminates sifting through hours of irrelevant video and it also saves a ton of room on the hard drive.

Functional Charger

The MXI-12 Wi-Fi spy camera is also a functional charger, with the capability to charge an Android or iPhone.

Uses and Applications

The MXI-12 is great in the following situations: for use as a nanny camera, catching a cheating spouse, catching a thief, keeping an eye on your business, travel spy camera, and watching over the elderly


PlacementWall, Outlet
Frame Rate30FPS
File StorageUp to 32GB SD card
Min Illumination.1 LUX
Power Requirement110v Outlet power
Recommended Media PlayerVLC
Recording ModesMotion Detection or Continuous
Sensor Type5MP CMOS
Video FormatMPEG
Video ResolutionFull HD 1920 X 1080P
Viewing Angle90°
Viewing RequirementsWindow PC's and MAC IOS Systems
Working Temperature-10°-60°

In The Box

Product includes the following items:

MXI-12 Wi-Fi USB Spy Camera
1 x MXI-12 Wi-Fi Spy Camera
Comes with a disk for viewing the video on a PC computer.
Sentel Tech Instructions
Instructions were written by us personally to aid in set up.

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  1. 86.666666666667%
    really discreet
    Posted on
    had the camera 3 days before i finally told the guy where it was. i placed it 3 feet beside him and he had no clue at all how i was seeing him. he actually plugged his charger into the camera and still had no clue. just wish it had a better radius to see. does get a little warm but not hot enough to do any harm.
  2. 100%
    it is easy to use and the quality is great
    Posted on
    The quality is great for how small it is and you can hide this in a ton of places. I will be buying more of these!
  3. 100%
    Posted on
    I can put it anywhere without anyone knowing that it is actually camera, it's almost impossible to tell. A must have for people that work in places where people have access to your place of work space, keeping an eye on what the kid where up to when I can't be in 4 rooms at once and even keeping an on eye on medicine when guests or workers are at the house. I trust people but I feel better being able to verify. It Works well for someone like me that is not very tech savvy
  4. 100%
    Clear Picture. Great Item
    Posted on
    Pretty cool item. Images are really clear. The Sentel Tech Instructions made it easy to figure out, which I greatly appreciated. Definitely, need to put this in line with what you want to see though. Great little item though.
  5. 100%
    5 stars
    Posted on
    This is a really great product! The setup is really simple and easy and the camera quality is pretty dang good and the real-time feed is surprisingly fast (there is only a delay of maybe 1/2 a second or less) There are two minor things that you should know about this charger camera. In order to have the feed upright, the usb cable plug in has to be on top, meaning that a cable may dangle into view, or you could just film upside-down and flip the video in after. The second thing to note is that this really only captures the lower half of the body. Other then that, this product is a really cool and high quality surveilance tool that no one would even glance twice at!
  6. 20%
    One star
    Posted on
    My computer doesn't recognize camera when I plug this camera an outlet I heard some noizie
  7. 100%
    Another camera next to cash register
    Posted on
    So, I wanted to add another camera by the register at work, next to all the small items. I have the 4 large overview camera already installed, so this was perfect for spying on shoplifters. I connected it to my wifi and the rest of my security system and start recording it on my DVR. Actually the resolution is better then my big overview camera I was surprised. Overall awesome camera.
  8. 100%
    Great idea to put a camera on a adapter.
    Posted on
    Great idea to put a camera on a adapter.
  9. 100%
    Awesome for travel!
    Posted on
    Great little gadget. I took this on travel to watch my room. I saw the hotel maid sitting on my bed reading a magazine I purchased. Makes me wonder what else goes on while guests are out. I will take this on all trips.
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