Key Fob Style Audio Recorder

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Product Highlights

  • Voice Activated Recording
  • 10 Hours of Continuous Recording
  • Internal 2GB Storage
  • Instant Audio File Playback
  • Vibration Alert


The Key Fob voice recorder is a professional grade voice recorder that can be used in almost any situation that you will find yourself in. The voice recorder appears to be an ordinary key fob but encased within is an AGC microphone that is able to capture conversations from approximately 30 feet away. The Key Fob voice recorder makes a great tool in cases of abuse, in capturing conversations, seminars, meetings, and various other applications. This device is both highly portable and discreet, making it one of our number one audio recorders.

The Audio Recorder is equipped with two recording modes, continuous mode, and voice-activated mode. In voice-activated mode, the device will only record once the decibels in the area reach 15 and the recorder will stop recording after 3 mins of no sound.

The Key Chain Audio Recorder is made of high-quality durable ABS plastic and is backed by a one year warranty. All Audio Recorder controls, buttons, and features are hidden behind a false backing adding to the discreet nature of this recorder and making this recorder virtually undetectable.

When fully charged the recording device provides a substantial amount of battery life, especially considering how small the device is. The voice recorder provides approximately 10 hours of battery life and operational use. All recorded files are saved in MP3 format to an internal 2GB drive, which can store up to 32 hours of files.

The audio recorder comes with a pair of earphones allowing for instant playback. There is also the option to use the provided USB cable to preview and save the files on a computer as well.

If you are looking for a highly covert audio recorder that you can take just about anywhere than look no further than the Lawmate Keychain Audio Recorder.


Product Dimensions3” L x 1.25” W x 0.563” H
File StorageInternal 2GB Drive

In The Box

Product includes the following items:

Key Fob Style Voice Recorder
One Key Fob Style Voice Recorder with Motion Detection or Continuous Modes
USB Cable
Comes with a USB cable to charge and transfer data/div>
For instant covert playback/div>
To provide a more realistic look and feel/div>
Key Fob Style Voice Recorder


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