iTrail Mini GPS Logger w/ Magnetic Case

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Product Highlights

  • No SIM Card or Contract Required
  • 16 Hour Battery Life
  • Stores up to 120 Hours of Tracking Data
  • Motion Activated
  • All Weather Earth Magnet Case


*GPS Software does NOT work on Mac Computers*

The iTrail Mini GPS Logger is a rugged, long-lasting GPS logger that is small enough to fit in your pocket and yet powerful enough to protect the things you care about most. At just 1.5 x 1.5 inches the iTrail Mini GPS logger is one of the smallest trackers on the market. The extremely small size of iTrail GPS means that it can be placed in a host of different locations. Some excellent locations include: in a child's backpack, in your pocket or purse, under a car seat, inside a spare tire or glovebox, or attach it to the frame or bumper of a vehicle using the provided waterproof magnetic case. You are truly only limited by your imagination. The iTrail GPS Logger magnetic case comes with 2 x 45lb strength earth magnets that provide exceptional adhesion and protects the GPS unit from the most extreme of weather.

The iTrail Mini GPS Logger is simple to set up and start using. Install the provided software on your computer, charge the GPS, power on the GPS, and place it in the desired location. When you're ready to review the log simply retrieve the tracker, plug it into your computer, and view the files using the provided software.

The iTrail Mini GPS logger is a standalone unit and does NOT provide remote tracking via smartphone or app. This means it does NOT require the use of a SIM card or require the need for a service contract. Since the device doesn’t transmit your tracking data over the Internet in real time, there are no additional fees of any kind. This allows you to track on your terms no matter if you use the tracker every day or once a month, the retail price is all you pay.

The iTrail GPS Logger records location, speed, and the current time. Google Maps or Google Earth is used to log all of your tracking data. You can download and print the information in a variety of easy-to-read formats including as a PDF, Word, HTML, or CSV document. Or quickly and easily send and share the tracking information.

The iTrail GPS Logger comes with up to 16 hours of battery life and is motion activation. With this feature, you preserve battery life so you can record as much data as possible. The device can store up to 120 hours of tracking information.


• iTrail GPS Data Logger Provides Tracking at No Additional Cost

• The Smallest GPS Tracker with More Accuracy than the Rest

• 120 Hours of Storage Capacity Compiles Miles of Travel History

• Long Life Rechargeable Battery Provides Easy Power Maintenance

• Record Start and Stop Locations, Directions, Point to Point Distances, Travel Speed and more

• GPS Mapping and Trip Analysis Software Included

• Data Transfers to PC Instantly for Immediate Map Display of Your Driving History

• Google Earth Compatible

• Detailed Driving Reports


Product Dimensions1.5" x 1.5"
File Storage120 Hours of data on an Internal drive
Power RequirementBuilt-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Viewing RequirementsWindows 7 or Higher Computer
Working Temperature-10º--60º

In The Box

Product includes the following items:

Wireless Charger & Charging Cable
Charge your device wirelessly with charging pad and cable.
All Weather Magentic Case
Comes with a durable weatherproof case equipped with 2 45lb strenght earth magnets.


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