IRIS 5 Wi-Fi Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Camera

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Product Highlights

  • 1920 x1080P Day Recording
  • Remotely View Live Video 
  • Up to 128GB storage capacity
  • Camera angled 10º upward to capture subjects upper torso
  • Functional Alarm Clock
  • Made in the U.S.A


The IRIS 5 Wi-Fi Spy Camera is in the top of its class when it comes to Nanny Cameras, home monitoring, and Spy surveillance.  The IRIS 5 appears to be a normal alarm clock, but encased inside is a tiny 1080p Spy camera that provides remote viewing and the ability to capture audio as well. Whether you are viewing the video a room away, or on the other side of town, the 1080p resolution ensures that you capture even the smallest details.  The IRIS 5 is built and tested right here in the U.S.A. This detail is evident in the build quality.  The IRIS 5 uses our new proprietary camera board which was built specifically for our needs, to increase longevity, reduce video lag, and provides a cooler operating camera. Our new camera board also enables audio transmission as well. If you need a professional grade nanny camera, then the IRIS 5 is the perfect candidate.

THe IRIS 5 is equipped with a Full HD 1080p camera sensor that records in low light conditions and is also compressible to 4k resolution in the app.

The IRIS 5 records in Brilliant 1080P video via motion detection, manual or scheduled modes. The numerous recording options give you the flexibility to suit your needs. View live and recorded videos remotely using the free mobile app from anywhere that you have a LTE/3G/4G connection.

Functional Alarm Clock. Enjoy all the features of a fully functional alarm clock, while using the IRIS 5 to protect the things you care about most. Uses a removable micro SD card (up to 128GB). This enables easy file access and the ability to quickly swap it out with the fresh one.

Easy to setup WIFI and IP Camera. The IRIS 5 comes with easy to read Sentel Tech instructions. We also provide a setup video that walks the user step by step through the process. Optional loop record. You have the option to have this camera start recording over the oldest files on the SD card once it becomes full.

Powered by 110v outlet power. Never worry about running out of power or charging batteries. The IRIS 5 operates 24-7 so you never miss a shot.

Discreet Packaging. Nothing on the retail box or packaging indicates that is a spy camera. All cameras are shipped in a plain white box for discreetness.

Made in the USA. Compatible with Androids, iPhones, and iPads.

Alarm Clock Features: FM Digital tuning radio with presets Gently wake with gradually escalating alarm volume Sleep Timer for easy falling asleep to your favorite music Dual alarm to wake you and your partner up at different times

* This camera does not run on battery power. 110v power only


Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 7.5" x 4" x 2.5"
Placement Desk
Frame Rate 30FPS
File Storage Up to 128GB Micro SD card
Min Illumination .1 Lux
Power Requirement 110V
Recommended Media Player VLC or GOM
Recording Modes Motion Detection, Continuous, or Scheduled
Sensor Type Trinity CMOS
Smartphone Compatibilty Android & iPhone
Video Format AVI
Video Resolution 1920 x 1080P Recording, 4K Streaming
Viewing Angle 90º
Working Temperature -10º-60º

In The Box

Product includes the following items:

IRIS 5 Alarm Clock Hidden Camera
One IRIS 5 Hidden Camera capable of capturing Full HD 1080P resolution and streaming 4K resolution
Power Adapter
Comes with a 5V Power adapter to power the device
Easy to follow instructions

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  1. 93.333333333333%
    Nice camera
    Posted on
  2. 100%
    Posted on
    Hidding working Likei expecting.Thaks
  3. 86.666666666667%
    Cant even tell this is a camera!
    Posted on
    I very like this clock it is a good spy design that I can't believe it's a wifi camera. It works with my cell phone over wifi setting. the quality of the pictures is very good and clear.
  4. 100%
    Posted on
    This was so easy to install and since I hooked mine up to my WiFi I can watch live footage through my phone while away from home! The picture quality is excellent also
  5. 100%
    Very impressed!
    Posted on
    This camera works better than I expected. I would buy this again.
  6. 100%
    Cant even tell its a spy camera!
    Posted on
    Im very impressed with the camera. You cant even tell whatsoever that it is a spy camera at all! Picture quality is great, audio is decent, and very well hidden. Awesome camera!
  7. 86.666666666667%
    Awesome Product!
    Posted on
    This thing is awesome! Looks exactly like an ordinary clock with no hint at all at its camera feature. Video quality is great and works well with the app.
  8. 100%
    LOVE this!
    Posted on
    Alarm clock works great, the hidden spy camera makes this product amazing. I downloaded an app on my phone and I can see my kids get up when the alarm clock goes off. If they don't get off you can even talk through the app to them! I am so impressed with this! Also can record video as well.
  9. 93.333333333333%
    Best spy camera I have used but...
    Posted on
    This is by far the best spy camera I have used as far as being stealthy and hidden. The low light camera works well on and I know most IR Night vision cameras have the IR lights that you can see, which sometimes makes it obvious, but It would be nice if it had discreet night vision.
  10. 100%
    5 Stars
    Posted on
    Great product, excellent quality, great store, great service.
  11. 100%
    Perfect for my needs!
    Posted on
    This thing is awesome! Looks exactly like an ordinary clock, not the weird clocks that the chinese spy cameras look like, with no hint at all at its camera feature. Video quality is great and works well with the app. Had to play with the placement of the clock itself to get the angle I wanted, no big deal.
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