Osprey 2 Hidden Camera & Audio Detector

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Product Highlights

  • Detect Wired and Wireless Hidden Cameras
  • Detect Hidden Audio Devices
  • Detect Hidden GPS Devices
  • Easy to Use and Fits in Your Pocket
  • Hidden Camera Lens Detection up to 32 Feet
  • Hidden Camera Lens Detection up to 32 Feet
  • Equipped with an Optional Vibration Detection Mode
  • Frequency Detection Range 1
  • Camera Frequency Detection Rang up to 30 Feet
  • 50mv-200mv detection range 12-19 inches
  • 300mv-600mv detection range 40-80 inches
  • 80gray-1200mv detection range 120-315 inches


The Osprey 2 allows you to quickly and effortlessly check your surroundings for the use of hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and hidden audio devices. With more and more instances of hidden devices being used for nefarious purposes, having some type of surveillance detector is becoming a must, especially for the avid traveler.

The Osprey 2 works to detect WIFI cameras, GPS trackers, and Audio bugs are by detecting frequencies that the devices transmit. When the bug detector picks up on a device in this frequency range it will start to beep or vibrate, depending on what mode you are in. The closer you get to this device the faster the tone will be, until you are right on top of it, which it will then be a continuous tone.

The Osprey 2 detects wired cameras by locating the glint of the camera lens with the laser. When using the laser and looking out the viewing window if there is an exposed camera lens it will glint and become very noticeable, even if tucked away in a dark shadowy corner.

The Osprey 2 has 5 detection modes:

• Camera Lens Detection

• Vibration (Mute) detection

• Audible detection

• LED display detection

• Headphone Detection Mode

Protecting your personal data and privacy should be a priority for everyone. Once personal data and your privacy has been comprised it is nearly impossible to reverse the damage, especially it this information gets transmitted over the internet. The Osprey 2 is a small investment to protect yourself and your family.


Frequency Detection Range 1MHz-6GHz
Product Dimensions 3.5" x 1.75" x .75" inches
Frequency Detection Distance Up to 30 feet

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  1. 100%
    Cant beat it for the price
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    Its works very well and you cant beat it for the price.
  2. 93.333333333333%
    It does indeed work
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    I was skeptical of this product, but it does indeed work.
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