Wi-Fi Wall Outlet Hidden Spy Camera

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Product Highlights

  • HD 1920 x 1080p Resolution 
  • Remotely View Live Video
  • Various Recording Modes
  • Up to 64GB Micro SD card
  • 3 Hours of Recording Time

The 1080p Wi-Fi Wall Outlet Spy Camera is a great surveillance tool to remotely view any household,  business or hotel room. The camera is affixed either using the drywall anchor screws for a more permanent setup, or adhesive tape for quick temporary setup. The camera records in crisp clear 1920 x 1080p resolution, ensuring that you capture all the details. Simple to use and easy to install. This makes a great camera in almost any scenario.


The 1080p Wi-Fi Wall Outlet Spy Camera looks like your ordinary 110v outlet, but encased inside is a full HD 1080p Wi-Fi Hidden Spy Camera with remote viewing capability. The great thing about this outlet spy camera, unlike other models, is that there is no need to reroute wires or cut holes in your sheetrock to install this. The outlet spy camera utilizes battery power giving you the flexibility of camera placement by not having to rely on tapping into a power source. You can attach this directly to just about any wall using the hardware that is provided, or for a quick install, the industrial strength adhesive tape that also comes with it. The Outlet spy camera makes a great covert surveillance solution for Businesses, Households, Nanny camera, and even for travel. The outlet hidden spy camera makes a great piece of spy gear for just about any indoor situation.

The outlet hidden spy camera comes with 2 removable covers. The 2 covers (white & off-white) are provided to ensure that it matches your existing covers, not draw attention, and remain undetected. The Camera comes with two 1350mAh batteries, providing up to 5 continuous hours of recording and 7 days in standby mode. The spy camera utilizes 2 recording modes, Motion Detection and Continuous. In Motion Detection mode, the camera will record only when motion is sensed and will stop after 3 minutes with no movement. The Camera lens is at a 15% upward angle allowing you to capture more of your subject, since most outlets are placed low on the wall.

HD 1920 x 1080p Resolution

The Full HD 108p resolution ensures that you capture all of the details when the smallest details matter.

Remotely View Live Video

The spy camera's internal wi-fi allows the user to be able to remotely view live video from any smartphone, utilizing the free app

Various Recording Modes

The Outlet hidden camera records in Motion Detection mode, Continuous, and Scheduled, ensuring that you have a tailored recording solution for whatever the need.

Up to 64GB Micro SD card

The camera drive is able to handle up to a 64GB micro SD card, providing approximately 25-30 hours of footage.

3 Hours of Recording Time

The spy camera battery allows for up to 3 hours of continuous recording, and is easily swapped out with the second battery in seconds


Frame Rate20FPS
File StorageMicro SD card up to 32GB (not included)
Min Illumination.1 LUX
Power Requirement1350mAH Lithium Battery
Recommended Media PlayerVLC
Recording ModesMotion Detection and Continuous
Sensor Type3.0 MP
Smartphone CompatibiltyiPhone & Androids
Video FormatAVI
Video Resolution1920x1080P
Viewing Angle65°
Working Temperature-10 -60°

In The Box

Product includes the following items:

Wi-Fi Wall Outlet Spy Camera
1 x wall outlet camera capable of providing live 1080p video directly to your phone.
WIFI Gateway
1x Wifi gateway plug that plugs into a separate outlet providing the link to the router.
2x Batteries, Battery Charger, & Cable
Comes with 2 1350mAh batteries so that you can swap them out quickly and minimize downtime.Comes with a battery charger to charge the 2 included lithium batteries
2x Covers
Comes with two plastic housings. One is white and one if off white to match your home's decor
Attaching Hardware
Comes with 2 strips of adhesive tape for when application of the camera needs to be quick. The camera also comes with drywall screws and anchors for a more permanent solution.

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