Cellphone Holder Hidden Camera for Vehicles

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Product Highlights

  • Day & Night Vision Camera Sensor
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080P Resolution
  • Motion Detection & Continuous Recording
  • Comes with a second decoy holder
  • 2.5 hours of Operational Time
  • 32GB Micro SD card included
  • Easy to use


The Vehicle Cellphone Holder Hidden Spy Camera makes a perfect solution for capturing covert footage in any automobile or large piece of equipment. This device offers both brilliant Day and Night Full HD 1080p footage, allowing you to capture important footage no matter the lighting conditions.

The camera is powered by two 350mAh lithium batteries and allows for approximately 2.5 hours of operational use and comes equipped with 2 recording modes to choose from. You have the option of recording in either motion detection or continuous mode. In motion detection mode, the camera will start recording once is senses motion and will stop recording after 3 minutes with no movement. You will find the motion detection feature extremely useful as It eliminates irrelevant footage and saves time sifting through that irrelevant footage. When it is time to view the footage, simply pop out micro SD card, plug it into your computer, and view the files directly off the card.

The viewing angle on the camera lens is approximately 65º and the mount also allows you to adjust the camera angle, ensuring you capture your subject.

You will find in your package a decoy mount. We have included this so that it doesn't look suspicious when the holder is gone while charging and also to use for everyday use. When it is time to capture footage you can easily swap out the decoy with the spy camera. As you can see this camera comes with a ton of features making this a nearly perfect solution for vehicle surveillance. You can use this camera in a variety of different scenarios to include: Monitoring driver behavior, keeping an eye on your teen's and who they are associating with, Uber & Taxi drivers, vehicle theft, and capturing up-close conversations.


Product Dimensions6.75” L x 2.125” W x 0.563” H
Frame Rate30FPS
File StorageUp to a 32GB micro SD card
Min Illumination3.3 Lux F2.0
Power Requirement350mAh Lithium Battery
Recommended Media PlayerVLC, KMplayer
Recording ModesMotion Detection & Continuous Modes
Sensor Type1/3” CMOS Camera Sensor
Video FormatMOV
Video Resolution1920 x 1080p
Viewing Angle66º
Viewing RequirementsWindows or MAC IOS
Working Temperature-10º--60º

In The Box

Product includes the following items:

Vehicle Cellphone Holder Hidden Spy Camera
One Day and Night Cellhone Holder Spy Camera
USB Charging Cable
Charge your device with a USB plug or Computer utilizing the USB port
Decoy Holder
Use the decoy holder as your everyday holder or when charging your device so that you do not raise suspicion
32GB Micro SD card
Included is a 32GB micor SD card capable of capturing up to 15 hours of footage
Suction Mount
Suction mount for attaching the device to a windshield
Spy camera for car in the box


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