Car Key Voice Recorder

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Product Highlights

  • Built-in AGC Microphone
  • 7 Hours of Operation
  • Stores 18 Hours of Recordings
  • Internal 4GB Storage Drive
  • Discreet Design


The covert car key voice recorder is an easy to use and a highly effective way to record a conversation on the go. Its one-button operation means you can have this operational in a matter of seconds, recording high-quality audio directly on the device. This voice recorder is perfect for recording meetings, seminars, conversations, or to gather evidence.

The unit has a 7 hour of battery life, on a single charge, and charging up the device only takes approximately 30 mins. The hidden voice recorder has an internal 4GB hard drive, which allows for up to 18 hours of recorded conversations.

To playback the recorded files you can either plug the voice recorder into a computer or if you are on the go, you can plug in the earphones that are provided directly into the voice recorder.


Product Dimensions1.25” L x 1.5” W x 0.5” H
File StorageInternal 4GB (18 hours of recordings)

In The Box

Product includes the following items:

Car Key Hidden Voice Recorder
Comes with one day/night USB Charger
USB Cable
Comes with a USB cable to charge the device
Ear Phones
Comes with a ear phones to listen to the recordings on the go


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