Why a Spy Pen Makes a Nearly Perfect Body Cam

When it comes to covert body cameras it doesn’t matter if you’re a private investigator, a police officer, or just an average person trying to capture an event on film. The number one priority in all of these situations over all else is NOT getting caught.

It doesn’t matter if you have the latest and greatest body camera on planet earth. If you get compromised using it, chances are it will all be for nothing and could lead to a quite embarrassing moment.

One of the great qualities that makes a spy pen such a phenomenal piece of hidden surveillance isn’t necessarily the build quality, although that is one aspect we consider or the fact that it is a functional pen either, it is the ability to hide in plain sight. There are very few objects that an individual can have on their person at all times, in any situation, that will not raise any suspicion. A pen is one of those few items. Regardless of gender, age, or the occasion, having a pen in your shirt pocket or next to your keys, wallet, purse, etc., looks, well, ordinary, and in the land of hidden surveillance that is exactly what you want.

Being able to hide your camera out in the open in plain sight is one of the greatest advantages of a spy pen.

Easy to operate

While being able to hide in plain sight is one aspect of remaining covert, another is being able to use the camera without drawing any attention to yourself. Let’s face it if you are trying to record in stealth the last thing you want to be seen messing around with your pen like you are from an alien planet and it is the first time you are using a writing utensil. This would most certainly draw attention to yourself. The one button operation provides the user the ability to operate the camera in your pocket, purse, blindfolded, well you get the picture. You don’t have to worry about fumbling through menus or dealing with various buttons. Most spy pens have one button and once depressed it will power on the pen and automatically start recording whatever it is pointed at. Having this easy to operate feature greatly adds to the functionality as well as to the stealth of the camera.

Placement & Use

Because of the pen recorders compact size, portability, and that fact that you can hide this in plain sight, opens up a vast amount of placement ideas that is limited only by the user’s imagination. You can literally set this on just about any surface, hang it out of your purse, pocket or set it next to your belonging and it will blend into just about any environment. As stated, there are a vast amount of uses and scenarios where a spy pen would be a perfect solution.

Below is a list of areas that we find that a covert spy pen really excels in.

Harassment cases

In harassment cases, sometimes It can be very difficult to prove the level of harassment or even a threat of violence without a witness or physical proof. A lot of the times the person doing the harassing knows to be on their best behavior in front of kids, neighbors, and family. It’s when no one is around that the threats and intimidation start to happen. When this happens normally it’s your word against theirs. Body worn cameras, such as a spy camera can provide unrefutable hard evidence in harassment or domestic cases. Providing crucial pieces of evidence that can lead to getting a restraining order or the harasser even being arrested. There have been numerous instances in the past where spy cameras have aided in such situations.

The scene of an accident

Using a body camera or covert camera such as a spy pen can prove to be quite valuable when an accident has just occurred. It is the perfect tool to capture accident scenes, the parties involved, and the damage to both vehicles. I can’t tell you how many times you hear of individuals coming out of the accident with not so much as a scratch on them claiming a debilitating injury days after the accident, trying to cash in on the situation. You would be surprised how different people act when they do not know they are being recorded and think no one important is around. Having the truth of the event could save you time and money in the long run.

In a meeting or conversation

A spy pen, in my opinion, is the perfect tool for capturing a conversation or meeting because of how close you can use it. A body camera such as a small portable pen allows you to get up close and personal with your subject without raising any alarms, which is needed sometimes to capture a conversation clearly and effectively, especially if there is any loud background noise. Since our spy pens are functional pens as well, you can even "take notes" as the conversation is happening to really ensure you get clear audio.

Set it and forget it

Most of what we have talked about is using a spy pen as a body worn camera, but because these pen recorders are small, compact, portable and have a battery life of an hour plus, it also makes a great stay behind camera. You can turn on this hidden camera on in a matter of seconds, leave it in a pen holder cup or on a table, shelf, etc. and come back later to retrieve the footage. As said earlier, you are only limited by your imagination.

For more information on how spy pens work or operate, check out our operation and demo video of our Talon L8 Spy Pen below: