The Wi-Fi Spy Camera – Your Must-Have Surveillance Tool

Once upon a time, about 15 years ago, putting a camera in your home was a big deal. You needed a special camera, wiring, and special devices to record the images. The cameras were large, and the image quality was terrible. Today, Wi-Fi spy cameras are easy to install, require no recording device, and give you high-quality images you can view live anywhere.

What is a Wi-Fi Spy Camera?

What is WIFI

A Wi-Fi hidden camera is a digital device that connects to your home’s wireless network and streams live images to an internet-based site. From there, you can view the feed anywhere you can connect your phone to the internet which is almost everywhere. Most cameras are extremely small, smaller than a smoke detector. Many look like something else. You can get 4K HD Wi-Fi cameras that look like a phone charger, a Bluetooth speaker, a plant, a teddy bear, and a pen, among hundreds of other styles. While that might seem creepy for some, the security they can give you is amazing.

Most hidden cameras do more than stream images, they also record them. Some will record them in the cloud for viewing from anywhere. Others will record everything to a micro-SD card, so you can look at them later with a computer or phone.

Why Wi-Fi Instead of Wired?

Why a WIFI camera

Some criminals know how to defeat your wired home security system. The alarms on your door and windows can be turned off. A Wi-Fi hidden camera doesn’t have to be connected to those systems and doesn’t turn on and off with them. They are on all the time, and because they can easily be made to look something else or be hidden in almost anything, they are nearly impossible to detect.

Why Not CCTV?

CCTV Camera install

We are all used to seeing CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras, those big things that are mounted on the sides of stores and on light poles. Those are great, except that they are still quite expensive and since they are wired to a recording device, installation requires a professional. Those cameras are meant to deter crime. Hidden cameras will catch criminals in the act. Because the image is a live stream, you can see it happening in real time.

Why You Need A Spy Camera in your home

Why a Wi-Fi Camera In your home

Because you can watch your home from anywhere you can connect to the internet, you can always see exactly what’s going in your house.

• Keep an eye on your home while you’re on vacation – Who hasn’t gone away for a week or two and wondered if everything is still in the house? Now all you must do is log in and look at your house.

• Watch your teenager from afar – Every parent of every teenager is terrified to leave them home alone. Parties, boyfriends or girlfriends, or just a weekend of Pizza Rolls, video games, and general mess-making can cause every parent to cringe. With a Wi-Fi spy cam, you can look at what’s going on without having to take anyone’s word for it.

• Watch the nanny or the dog walker – Nanny cams have been all the rage since the 1990s when the first images of nannies behaving badly were on TV. Today, we let dog walkers in along with any number of other people who help us. That’s all fine, but that doesn’t mean they’re not doing things they shouldn’t while they’re there. With hidden cameras, you can see everything that’s going and know the dog walker isn’t also walking with your jewelry.

• They are moveable – Because the camera is wireless, they can be moved around the house to places you feel you need them most. On a normal day, having it the front hallway might make sense to see the kids get home from school and see what the dog walker does. When you go on vacation, it might make more sense to move it to the bedroom where the jewelry is or the living room where the big TV is. If you’re keeping an eye on your teen, you might consider the hallway by the bedrooms, someplace they wouldn’t think you’d put a camera.

Easy Installation of Spy Cams

Easy installation

Where once you need lots of special tools and to be Bill Gates to figure out how to install one of these cameras, now you just need to turn it on and go to a website. The website will walk you through connecting the camera. After that, you can log in any time and see what’s going on. If you can use a computer, and obviously you can since you’re reading this, you can install a Wi-Fi spy camera. It will only take you a few minutes. Today’s spy cameras are very cheap. For less than $100, you can get a camera that will give you crystal-clear images streaming right to your phone.

Hidden Cameras – Your Number One Security Tool

Okay, not exactly number one. A lock on your front door is important too. A Wi-Fi spy camera is a simple way to keep track of your home, see what’s happening in real time, and have evidence of what has happened if there is a crime. The images are so clear they can be used in a court of law and, since all the images have a date and time stamps, they make it hard for a criminal to argue with.

We’ve all seen the video doorbells and outdoor lights that tell you when someone is on the lawn. Those are fine, but for real peace of mind, cameras in the house are a good idea. Not all criminals are dumb enough to walk across the front lawn. If they get into the house, or your 16-year-old decides to throw a kegger while you’re at a conference, you’ll want those indoor spy cameras to see what’s happening in your house.