Hidden Surveillance Camera Exposes Twitter Employees Spying on Accounts

(Photo by Project Veritas)

Though we don’t always like to think about what happens to our posts, content, and messages once we fire them out into the social media world, the sad reality is that a lot of that content becomes public knowledge, stored and vetted by advertising companies so they know how to market to you. On Twitter, specifically, in your Direct Message inbox, just because it’s not a public tweet doesn’t mean it isn’t being read by Twitter employees scrolling over content every day. As an effort to curb cyber-bullying and terrorist network development through the different chat channels on Twitter, the company does occasionally sift through content to keep the platform safe.


Warning this video contains strong language


However, that doesn’t mean that it’s ok for these employees to take your most private messages, save them to a server, and sell this information to companies looking to market to you in the future. It’s a total violation of consumer confidence, and it’s unfortunately something that is going on at Twitter – thanks to recent footage caught on a hidden surveillance camera.

This week, Project Veritas released undercover footage, retrieved from a hidden camera, of Twitter Engineers and employees admitting that they view every single one of your private messages, collecting what they deem valuable, and creating a “virtual profile” of you that they then sell to advertisers. The four employees caught red-handed included Conrado Miranda, Clay Harnes, Pranay Singh, and Mihai Alexandru Florea.

Breach of Confidence?

Haynes admitted earlier this month that Twitter has a team of hundreds of employees with the express purpose of looking at “dick pics” today. Yes, Twitter actually has a department of people that scroll through the inappropriate pictures and messages sent between people on the platform. Haynes said there are entire teams dedicated to perusing the dick pics, using the private information in the aggregation of their user profiles. Haynes went onto admit that even he, himself, has seen the dicks pics, as they’re hilariously thrown around the office when a few come through the privacy vetting team.

Singh piped up to Haynes, saying that “everything that is sent in the DM portion of Twitter is saved to his server.” Yes, that means all of the dick pics, sex messages, and inappropriate communication is being recorded forever on a Twitter server. Singh said they don’t just stop there either; they look into illegitimate wives and the girls that men are messing around with. He threatened to take that information and send it to some user’s wives. Singh said that anything posted on Twitter never goes away. They take the information, analyze it, configure your interests, and send it in the form of data to companies that are more-than-willing to use it in an attempt to successfully advertise to you.

Florea pipes up, confirming that to actually make a profit from selling information to advertisers, Twitter has to unequivocally prove it was you. They, therefore, take email addresses, or cookies, anything that can be used to track you, when they sell the information. So now not only are your private photos and messages up for viewing, but so is your personal contact information. Florea pompously stated, “You’re paying for the right to use our website with your data basically.”

No Twitter, No Problem

Miranda added that people leak way more information online than they may think. Even if a user has never been on Twitter, or signs up for the first time to use the platform, Twitter is able to scrape information stored in databases. When asked if people can protect themselves when that information falls into the wrong hands, Miranda responded, “You don’t… there is no way.”

Unfortunately for Twitter, Haynes admitted that he feels their policy to snoop on users is very Big Brother, on a disturbing level. He said although he doesn’t want to admit that it freaks him out, it definitely disturbs him.

The Project Veritas Conclusion

Veritas put out a statement by founder James O’Keefe this week, stating that Twitter is aggressively harvesting personal information and tracking everyone’s every movement, selling virtual dossier to the highest bidders. O’Keefe claimed they are the biggest brother out there, and that thanks to their cameras, they have more revealing information to come.

Thanks to a hidden surveillance camera, Veritas was able to infiltrate Twitter and provide critical information that the public deserves to know. Breaches of personal information are occurring an illegal rate, and Twitter must be held responsible for their sloppy handling of the most personal kind of content out there right now. Although social media is still fairly new regarding its introduction into our world today, these companies need to be held accountable for selling information and personal contacts like they’re nothing more than dollar bills here and there.

If you suspect some kind of breach is occurring at your workplace or somewhere you collaborate, consider exposing the information.