How One Woman Caught a Peeping Tom Using a Hidden Camera

(Photo by Kens-TV)

We don't always want to think about the reality of a peeping tom, but in a world growing increasingly marked by disturbing news stories, peeping toms fall on the more harmless side of the spectrum. One San Antonio woman exposed her own peeping tom this past month, using none other than a hidden camera to get it done. The woman stated she took action after a close encounter with her tom on January 8, 2018, when she saw the man watching her through her blinds. She reported the story to CBS affiliate KENS-TV.

The woman, Noel Bracy, said she had opened her blinds to confront the tom. Sneakily hidden in her bushes, she couldn't make out any distinctive features on the man's face, which is what inspired her to go out there and get her own surveillance camera. She wanted to be able to exactly identify the man so she could report him to the authorities. "I opened my blinds right here, and I was face to face with him but I couldn't see his features of anything. That's why we decided to get the camera."

Bracy bought the surveillance camera and set it up on the ground outside her bedroom window. The next day, the camera already caught the peeping tom, who Bracy suspected had been spying on her for more than 3-weeks. The gray video, which Bracy submitted to KENS-TV, shows the man staring into her window. Shortly after, he notices the new camera, stares directly at it, and flees.

Bracy stated, "I had been hearing him out there, and I wanted proof and hard evidence to close the case. She went on to add that she had been hearing moaning outside of her window, mostly in the morning and while she's getting ready for work. She also heard the moaning sometimes at night.

Camera Thief

Bracy said after the man noticed the camera and fled the first time, he later returned to steal the camera himself, trying to destroy evidence of his illegal actions. After submitting the tape to the authorities, the San Antonio Police Department confirmed that Bracy wasn't the only stop on the peeping tom's adventures each day. The man had been peeping on women in similar incidents dating back to June. The police announced they would appreciate any women coming forward that they suspect had been peeped on as well, helping them to close the case moving forward.

Hidden Camera Protection

Thanks to Bracy's surveillance camera installation, she was able to not only catch the peeping tom, but to also provide content to the police, helping them to further investigate and catch the man. Unfortunately, there are a lot of creeps in the world today. Hidden cameras can act as our helping hand in situations that are potentially dangerous and aggressive. Never confront a peeping tom personally. Instead, record him on camera and go from there with the footage you have captured. It's a safer and more reliable way to go about the entire situation. Consider the support of a hidden camera on your property today.