5 of The Best Hidden Cameras Under $100 Dollars

Need a hidden camera but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for one?

Gone are the days when covert cameras were super expensive and only used by investigators. With the advances in camera technology and the prices of spy cameras becoming more affordable than ever, these cameras are finding their way into more people’s hands each and every day.

Depending on the features & quality the device has to offer, The price can vary quite a bit. To get the best deal and to save yourself some money, your first step in purchasing a hidden camera should be deciding what features you actually need and setting a spending budget.

We have compiled a list of our Top 5 spy cameras for the budget conscious shopper. All the hidden cameras on our list are affordable, priced under 100 dollars, and have the most features for the price. The cameras we chose stand out in quality and price and will get the job done.

USB Hidden Camera

USB Wall Charger- Price: $59.99

The USB Wall camera is a tried a true camera that we have carried for some time now. It is the easiest camera to use in our inventory and priced extremely well. This camera is a true plug and play right out of the box and records in motion detection by default. For just under 60 dollars you get a camera that will operate 24/7 and offers 720p HD footage. The camera is also equipped with motion activated recording as well as a 32GB internal drive that allows for approximately 15-20 hours of video.

Spy Pen Sentel Tech

1080P Spy Pen- Price: $58.99

The spy pen camera is a perfect choice for those who are in need of an affordable body or portable hidden camera. This camera is very discreet and you can take this camera just about anywhere without it looking out of place. It offers over an hour of battery life and records 1080P Full HD footage to a Micro SD card. This camera offers one button operation and is extremely easy to use.

2K resolution mini spy camera Sentel Tech

2K Resolution Mini Spy Camera- Price: $89.99

With about the size of a stick of gum, the 2K mini spy camera makes a great body cam as well as a stationary camera. Don’t let the size of this hidden camera fool you. It offers full Ultra HD 2K resolution video along with 90 minutes of battery life or 110v outlet power. A great feature of this camera is that you have the option of plugging this camera into its charging cable and using it 24/7. You can hide this tiny device is a ton of dark corners or nooks and it will go unnoticed. There are no recording lights to compromise the camera making it very discreet.

MX-20 mini spy camera Sentel Tech

MX-20 Spy Camera- Price: $89.99

This camera is one of our top sellers. Shaped to look like a smartphone charger, this camera offers 1080p motion activated video & audio, along with a fully functional charging port. The camera uses a tinted front plate to conceal the camera lens making it virtually undetectable. The camera uses a micro SD card to save its footage and can use up to a 32GB micro SD card allowing for up to 15-20 hours of footage.

Vehicle FOB mini spy camera Sentel Tech

Vehicle Key FOB Hidden Camera- Price: $78.99

The Vehicle Key FOB hidden camera is one of our most versatile cameras for the simple fact that you can hide this in plain sight. No one is going to think twice about a set of car keys laying on a desk, table, or even in your hands. Pair the covert nature of this product with the easy and use of a 1080P Full HD camera and you have a winning combination. The camera has approximately 90mins of operational use and uses a micro SD card up to 32GB. If you are looking for a camera you can take just about anywhere you should consider the Key FOB spy camera.