Talon L8 Low light 2K Resolution Spy Pen

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Product Highlights

  • 2k Full HD Resolution
  • Motion Detection and Continuous recording modes
  • Low Light Recording
  • Functional Pen and Simple to Use
  • 16GB Internal Hard Drive

The New Talon L8® P-2L Low Light recording Spy Pen is a perfect solution for capturing Ultra HD video in little to no light situations. With the L8® you can now capture conduct surveillance in situations, like bars, nightclubs, and dark spaces, which was never before possible with a spy pen. If you are looking a professional grade spy pen for serious surveillance than look no further than the Talon® L8


The New Talon L8 Low Light recording Spy Pen is the highest quality spy pen on the market.  Never before have you been able to capture details in low light situations before now.  You are now able to capture 2k footage in dark situations such as conversations and video in bars, nightclubs, bedrooms, or chasing bigfoot on the weekends. The L8® P-2L records 2K video and also takes10-megapixel pictures. Switching between the photo and video modes takes just a few clicks of the button.  The Talon L8 records for up to 90 mins and comes equipped with a 16GB internal hard drive capable of recording up to 2 hours of 2k resolution video. Aside from the powerful spy camera packed into this tiny frame, it is also a functional pen. Being able to take notes and write with this spy pen aides in the discretion of this camera. No one will think that the same pen you are writing with is also capturing ultra HD video.  If you are looking a professional grade spy pen for serious surveillance than look no further than the Talon® L8


Placement Body Worn
Frequency 1
Frame Rate 30FPS (2k) 60FPS (720p)
File Storage 16GB Internal (up to 2 hours of video)
Image Format JPG
Photo Resolution 4352 x 3264
Power Requirement 380 mAh Lithium Battery
Recommended Media Player VLC, GOM
Sensor Type CMOS
Video Format MOV
Video Resolution 2303x1296P, 1920x1080P, 1280x720
Viewing Angle 65┬░
Viewing Requirements Widows & MAC IOS

In The Box

Product includes the following items:

The 2K Ultra HD Spy Pen
The 2K Resolution Spy Pen captures brillant video & is also a functional pen.
Sentel Tech USA Instructions
Instructions written by us personally, so that there is no confusion with setup and operation.

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  1. 100%
    Great camera
    Posted on
    Great low light video, very high quality video. Very happy with the pen. Easy to use once you know the how indicator lights work. You know its been working for a long period of time the pen is warm. So no question its recorded what you needed.
  2. 93.333333333333%
    Best spy pen I have used.
    Posted on
    I'm a private investigator and I use these type of devices all the time. I must say the quality is excellent on this pen and I will be buying more of these.
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